Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Canungra Cup Day 5 cancelled

Today was cancelled early due to the wind observations were showing strong winds everywhere.  Pedram and I want for a hike upto Mt  Warning for an opportunity to train.
We got up in 1hr 20mins and back down in 55mins. Pedram tried out my Salomon XT Wing shoes and I had on the XA Pro's. We found that the Pro's had better grip on polished rock but both performed well on the uneven sufaces with offering great support and ease of stability both offering good cushioning on the down hill decent. It was a warm day but I thought I would wear my Icebreaker GT shirt to see how it would perform in a warmer climate. It was great and offered good aeration and comfortable wick ability.
After getting back down we headed off to see a new sponsor, PURE Mountain based in the Gold Coast to get sized up for some of the best wet weather gear with incredible breathability and waterproof property's as well as a new warm insulation jacket as a second layer. Details of this will jacket will be made available in the later months of this year! ! Checkout their web site at

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