Friday, October 17, 2014

Bright in Pre-Season Glory

Went out for a day that on XC Soar was looking good for a 100km triangle. Light winds at 2400m with a slight SE drift.

Pedram was first to fight the rotory scrapy thermal over Emily ridge and then decided to head over to the lower Marcus spur to find a nice smooth 1.5m climb upto 1800m. Brian and I headed off just after him and thrashed around in the same on Emily. I decided to head over to the same area where Pedram got up and was rewarded with a nice 2m climb up to join Pedram.

We both got up to 1900m and headed over to Mt. Porpunkah with a nice boyant glide. It took a while to find a climb above the ridge but I managed with a trashy 3m to base while Pedram scratched low. This was going to be the trend of the day me in my Ozone LM5 staying reasonably high while watching Pedram in his Ozone Enzo scratching along low.

We made to just short of Ovens and then over to Mt. Buffalo and back to Clear Spot and back to the LZ. Pedram hardly got over 1400m after Mt Porpunkah but got around the same course. Best climb for the day was 4.5m/s and the wind seemed to be all over the place, southerly high and northerly valley wind down low.
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