Friday, May 2, 2014

What a first day at the Bornes to Fly

I have never been so fatigued as i am now. I've hiked 30kms over mountain passes and then back down to only need to hike back up to a launch (turn point). My legs were like lead my toes are sore with some blisters but Nick has been a gem. Supporting me like organising cups of tea when I get to him from the English support crew.
When I finally got to launch after seeing 40+ pilots flying over my head I felt demoralised on top of all the pain. A lot of messages were coming through from home and friends via facebook and these spurred me on. I've learnt to push through pain as I never thought I could.  The whole day was rewarded when I glided over the high pass over toward the 2nd turn point over to top of a lot of grounded pilots then finished the day with a 8km road walk toward the turn point.  Hope I can move tomorrow! !!

1 comment:

  1. Your doing so well we are all proud of you. Keep it up
    Love you