Saturday, May 3, 2014

Second day in the Bornes to Fly

Finished day one by gaining on a lot of pilots after an OK fly. Landed just short, about 8kms, of the town De Cruix De La Rochete. Then walked on to try to get to town before 9pm. Managed to get there by pushing through some pain barriers.

Stayed in a car park with a burger van and had dinner with the English pilots. I was very sore but was pleased to see Simon walking the same way.

Got all the charging stuff on and then into the sack. Nick was great organising tracks to take the next morning, organising food for the night etc.

The next morning was a little late to start again but I knew why when I did start, I was waddling like a duck with my quads, calves, tris and every other muscle in my legs tight and sore. But I pushed on up and up toward the next turn point. The higher I got the colder and wetter it got. 1 hour into it I could feel the legs getting tighter and tighter. They felt like long tubes of concrete slowly setting. After stopping often to try and stretch out and get the legs nimble again I decided on cutting my losses so I don't damage myself for the next 3 weeks in the mountains. So I decided to call in to the organisation to inform them that I am retiring from the race.

It has been a great experience with many, many lessons learnt. I have now got some upgraded yard sticks to work towards and hope to build on these in the Swiss Alps.

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