Saturday, May 10, 2014

A good looking day in Chamonix

I got up in the morning to a glorious looking day. So I put on the glider bag and up I went to the Plan L' Aguille. The walk was gentle to start but soon changed to a steep cris-cross zigzag track up under the cable car. I felt great all the way until I needed to start trudging through snow for the last 500 meters. I managed to get up in 2.5 hours and enjoyed sitting back at the cafe at the top. On the way up I was noticing the sky was filling in quick with a verglas type of cloud. When I arrived at the cafe it was 8/8ths cloud cover and the base had lowered to just above me. Hmmm not such a great day. Choices were stay at Cafe and get a lift down with cable car (Nnaaaahhhh) or get off with a slight catabatic ( wind over the back) or walk back down the way I came. I have been practicing my back wind launches back in Australia so it's time to see how I will go in the mountains!!
It went well but definately had to run hard and through mushy wet snow. Got off and didn't get much more then a sleddy but this is where getting off in marginal launch conditions can get a gain of multiples compared to walking back down and getting more fatigued.
If there's been two things I have learnt over these two weeks are:
1: keep a pace that is suited to you and your fitness level as its endurance that is needed. I'm too much of a competitive person and I need to continue at my own pace even when other pass me!!!
2: fly as much and as long and as far as possible with the conditions given to you this gives a great advantage on distance able to traveled in the day.

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