Friday, May 9, 2014

A flight around Chamonix Valley

I've come back to Chamonix to look at the crossing from Switzerland across to France.
So I had a flight from the Plan L'Aguille and crossed over to the Brevant in the morning to try to get down towards Switzerland's border but the valley wind picked up early so will try again tomorrow before the weather gets ugly again on Sunday.
So not to waste the day I gave my Salomon 3D Ultra shoes a work over again and the Icebreaker base layers when I hiked up to a glacier.
Im finding the 3D Utras are a better shoe for hiking on rocky, wet and slippery surfaces. I've been trying a pair of Salomon XT Wings 3 as well and they are lighter but don't seem to have as a gripy sole as the 3D Utra's but a great for road work. When I'm in the snow a high boot could be usefull as well but to use a heavier boot you would have to be in the snow a good deal to out weigh the extra weight!
Will report in again tomorrow how I went and I will hike up from valley to give myself a work out!!

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