Thursday, March 13, 2014

X Alp's Training Spot Page

Geoff has been generous and has set up an X Alp's training spot page for me and anyone else who is keen to Hike and Fly.
If you have a spot and are hiking up to launches and flying off then contact me to place you on the list. If you have registered your SPOT with Geoff then I can put you on. If not then register your spot with Geoff Wong and then notify me and I can place you on the list!

If you watching from work or home then go to and keep an eye on who is hiking and flying

Also keep an eye on my spot during this years month of May while I'm over in Europe as I will be doing a small event around Annecy, Bornes to Fly and then further into the alps checking out 2013 course by hiking and flying!

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