Thursday, March 20, 2014

Great day out in Bright

After walking up to Mystic with Matt we got off launch in nice gentle conditions with students from the school following.
It was looking like it was going to be a nice day later on so I decided to head up for a fly for the day. Brian, Barb and Pedram came up as well because XC Skies was showing light winds and good height for the day
It was a good opportunity to try out my new Neon Jacket from MONT Adventure Equipment.

We all got off and were struggling around launch for a while and managed to get up to 1800m and then ventured off to Clearspot. The climbs were getting gradually better so on the radio we decided to head over to Blackfellows. More OK Climbs made us keep reasonable height for the crossing to Little Buffalo. Both Brian and I crossed over here not finding much so we kept going over to the Burrs and were rewarded with a scrappy slow climb. I went over to the hot rocks and Reeds Lookout scoping out where I launched from the other week and then onto the Mt Buffalo lookout. I had a great view of the waterfall as I went in deep ridge soaring the rocks so close that I almost high 5'd the tourists looking on at the lookout. I found a good climb over the Hang glider ramp that took me back upto 1800 while Brian and Barb came over for the same adventure.

 After the great views over the rocks we headed off to Little Buffalo again and Brian and Barb were heading back to Mystic so I saw Chappo climbing in the valley and Pedram over near the Mt Porepunkah area so I went on over. It took awhile to get there and got low on the way but was lifted upto 1800m again just shy of Mt Porepunkah. Chappo was moving off to Mt Pyramid and was not getting to much as he decided to get back to Mystic Launch and top land (hard ) on launch as I went on to Gold mine and then Smoko where I got better height at 2400m. I watched Dave Smilley coming back from Mt Feathertop as I crossed over to Eboneeza.

With this height I headed off to Eboneeza and then a different way back home via Demons Ridge and back over launch to the Landing Zone.
Magic day and the Neon Jacket from MONT Adventure Equipment was great!

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