Sunday, March 23, 2014

Launched off at 1975 meters

After a great night in the hut drinking red wine, smelly cheese and crackers the youngsters (John - Ronnies nephew and a friend )  heading up to the summit to catch the sun rise at about 5:30. Us older folk awoke at 7:00 got ready then started heading up when the others came back down and said it was a very strong wind. We feared this as the trees down at 1400 meters where the hut was, was blowing as well. We decided to have another cup of coffee and tea while we decided on a plan. Ronnies glider was on top as we left it behind to make the 500m hike back up easier.
We finally headed off back up to the summit to see how strong it was and weren't suprised by the 15 to 18 knot winds with a bitty chill blowing over the top from the north. We decided to head over to the west peak to see if it was better and were not rewarded by lesser winds. But with me wanting to to practice strong wind launches and thinking it is probably compression on the mount we decided to give it a go with Pedram elected to go first to ensure Ronnies tandem will make it out to the landing area as Pedram had the fastest wing. It was Ok to get off once you controlled it over head and crept forward inch by inch until the compression released you.
I stayed back to give Ronnie a hand with the tandem and after 3 attempts I finally pushing him and his brother off then I begun to get my gear ready.
The wind was increasing and my launch took even longer to move forward as the wind had increased but I managed by keeping it above my head and pushed myself off a rock to get out into steeper terrain in front.
I got my phone out and video'd The mountain and launch behind me.

We landed down in the valley just out from where the cars parked and I stayed true to my training and walked back to the cars at the start with glider on my back.

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