Sunday, October 20, 2013

Headed up north

Wendy and I are up in Queensland for a week or two to see family and freinds and to hang around at the Canungra Cup. 
We came into the Gold Coast airport, picked up our upgraded rental car, no way were going to fit two paragliders and paragliding gear oh and cloths into a  Getz.
Thanks to Alex and Gav for letting us stay over with views of the beach. Next morning we went upto Beechmont with sky's full of paragliders.  I got the Delta 2 out to dry out after 2 mornings before' hike and fly.
Unfortunately we had to get back on the road so we got to Toowoomba in time to see Wendy's sister.
Hope to get to Killarney so Wendy can fly off from our old house!!!

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