Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Commiserations but still congratulations...I'm fit!!

Well done to all successful applicants who got selected into the Redbull X Alp's 2015.
Unfortunately my campain andrew4xalps was not successful!
So I've gone for a hike up to Mystic to sweat it out!
A special congragulations to Nick Neynens from New Zealand for his successful bid. He's one to watch!!
Also a huge thanks to all sponsors past present and ones that were willing to assist with amazing gear. Thanks to Pure Mountain, Ozone, Icebreaker, Salomon, Onesmall Planet, Active Flight, Sportaroo and the most supportive my wife Wendy who was willing to put aside her pursuits for my adventures!
There are many other people who were and are great supporters and I thankyou for beleiving in me! There are many but one special person is Dave Snowden who was willing to give up so much time to support me here and over in Europe during the event.
I'm keeping on this track of paragliding so keep an eye out on my blog and facebook for up and coming adventures.
Thanks again

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