Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Bright Cracker

A promising day was due for today and Garth and I tried to make the most of it. There the usual locals out with a few newbies trying out some new gear and skills.
We were getting up easily over Mystic and Clearspot. Garth and I were in the second group to head over to try and get up on Buffalo. Pedram tried for Little Buffalo but could get over the ridge on the windward side so Garth and I went into the east side of Buffalo. We both managed to scrape and scratch until we got over the top of the chalet.
The waterfall was flowing well when we went past and the Chalet was looking glorious. We headed over towards the Ovens as the flats looked like they weren't working so we thought we try to get back to the Mystic LZ over Mt. Porpunkah. 
There were not to many strong climbs and the day was slow but we ventured around the back of range behind Mt. Porpunkah onto The Pyramid. The clouds were developing into storm clouds on the east of the range so it was time to head back to the LZ from Smoko.

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