Monday, July 7, 2014

Registration for the Redbull X Alp's 2015

I've just completed my application to enter the 2015 version of the Redbull X Alp's. It has been received and I will be considered for one of the 32 positions to represent Australia in the worlds hardest adventure race travelling by either foot or by paraglider over the top of the European Alp's from Salzburg, Austria to Monaco on the southern coast of Europe via several turnpoints. The turnpoints could be world icons like Dachstein massif (2,995m), Wildkogel (2,224m), Zugspitze (2,962m), Matterhorn (4,478m), Mt Blanc (4,810m) then onto Manaco as the goal landing on a floating platform in the sea.

I've got this blog site set up that I am keeping up to date for your interests

If you would like to support me on this endeavour then please click on the paypal button on this page or I will be starting up a crowd funding page as well through Sportaroo so keep an eye out for this. Thanks for all your support so far and spread the word to all your friends to visit this site and like my Facebook page at !
It's going to be a crazy race against the world best paragliding athletes.

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