Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hiking and flying in Talliores France

Well got over here after a bungled flight to Abu Dabi a day late and arrived in France to be welcomed by rain and low clouds. Got out today and walked up to local site in 30 minutes on very wet and slippery grounds but my Salomon 3D Ultra's held up well. I needed to scrape all the mud off when I got to the top so there wasn't extra weight on my glider. Then flew around until the Bali ( french goats cheese ) belly pushed me down and just in time too..... ggrrrrr! Got a pre-paid mobile number sorted here in France with Orange at 35€ for a month unlimited calls and 1GB of data, not bad. We'll see what happens tomorrow as I need to pick up my support crew from Geneva,  Nick Neynens! !

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