Saturday, March 1, 2014

Training for X Alp's here in Bright Australia

I am going to be completing a 3 day Hike and fly starting on the Friday the 7th of March 2014
at 7am starting at the clock tower in the middle of Bright town. My aim is to hike and fly from
7am every day until 7pm for three days around the North East Victorian Alp's.

 Any pilot can come along on any of the walks or flights with me in any style with or
without gliders. You can join me on the hikes or just the flights even if you want to drive
up to my next launch site and fly off with me that will be great. I will have my spot on me
so you can track my progression at under Andrew Horchner.
The spot tab will show my position every 10 minutes.

SPOT Pilot Locations
SPOT LogoGet one and get retrieved ...

I will be using the Mt Buffalo, Reeds Lookout launch and hope to have a large set of
sheets to place down to prevent glider lines from catching. If you would like to talk
about the routes I maybe using then I will be at the Outdoor Inn camp site on Thursday
evening at about 7pm to show my current gear and discuss routes I am intending to take.

I'll be on the club Channel 28 tone squelch 97.4 throughout the 3 days so catch up if 
you want. It would be great to see you in the sky or up on one of the bush launches or 
along side of me on one of the many walks up to the launches. The aim is to get back 
to the Landing Zone at Mystic by 7pm in the evening on the Sunday the 9th March.

If you would like to loin in in any form please contact me at
If you need a good trial map you can get one from The Bright Information Centre at the 
River Deck and it's titled the Bogong Alpine Area Outdoor Recreation Guide
Bushwalking 1 :50,000 scale

Hope you can join in, in any form!
Contact me if your interested!!

Cheers Andrew

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