Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lessons Learnt

After taking 3 hours 20 minutes hiking up Mt. Buffalo to the top we met our support crew at Reeds lookout. It was blowing very strong so we considered our options. Some ideas were to stay up on top until late afternoon or stay overnight the try to get off in the morning. We waited and had some other visitors pop up to check out the launch. Then the winds started to drop so we got the sheets out and started to get ready. I got off first into a 5 meter climb upto base at 2900m above the Buffalo and then headed off towards Mystic. Seeing others in the sky over launch I headed over.
As I was coming over clear spot I was in two minds to try and get over to Harrietville town or land at the Mystic Landing Zone and do some road walking. I decided to do some Road walking so landed at The LZ. Then after packing up and re filling my food and water headed off beating the pavement. I got as far as the Toowonga Gap Road and pressure points were creating problems so not to prevent me walking for a few days I decided to stop after the two days. Many lessens learnt and thanks for everyone's suggestions especially the "harden up" ones !!

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