Friday, March 7, 2014

Finished Day one in style

Hiked up to Mystic after a glide off  clear spot in very hot sun. Launch off and did a catch cradle flight for about 3 to 4 hours around Bright valley.  On my way to land at the base of Mt.  Buffalo I got a suggestion from home that pizza on the menu so about turn I did and went back home for a comfy bed and gorgeous dinner!
Next morning we started where I was going to land at the base of Mt Buffalo and we got upto Reeds look out after 3.20 hours.
The wind was strong so much so that Mystic hill was out of action for tandems.
With the wind decreasing Pedram and I got off with the sheets on the rock working a treat. Unfortunately and smartly Javier decided not to launch.
I got straight upto base a 2800m above The Mount and headed off to Mystic LZ.  From here I'm on foot over to Freeburg valley and then upto Mt Feathertop tomorrow if my body holds out!

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