Sunday, January 19, 2014

Bornes To Fly Event in France Invitation

This is an invite I received to join in a training event this year in France 2014! Looking Forward to it!!

Dear Foreign Pilots.

4 Weeks after the pre-registration opening of Bornes To Fly 2014, 60 pilots offered places were taken assaults.

As stated in the B2FLY regulations, the organization reserves the right to award a few additional places.

We decided to assign several of these places for foreign pilots.

If you are still interested to participate to the Bornes To Fly 2104, you can send us an email including a short description of your background on previous Hike and Fly races and your goals for this season and your IPPI5 Card.

After selection, we will ask you to send the rest of the documents to finalize the registration.


The Bornes To Fly Team

Bornes To Fly

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