Friday, January 24, 2014

Launching off Mt.FT

Well what a great flying adventure! Hiked up a 1922m mountain the night before. There were three of us me, Glen and Matt. We left Harriettville carpark at 5:45pm and got up at the cabin at 9pm. We endulged in muesli bars hot cupa soups and chocalate bars around the fire, then off to sleep ready fo an early hike upto the top. We got to the top 1922m at around 9am and were astounded by a Ultra marathon runner returning back from the top back down to Harriettville and only using 1 hour and 40 minutes of the morning to get to the top.
We were above the smoke haze with a lite easterly.  I got the glider ready and got off with ease. I had a slight tip tuck but cleared it as I turned to the west and glided with ease to Harriettville,  landing near the ice cream shop.
Look out for a video from my  Gopro

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