Thursday, December 5, 2013

I will be running a local X Alp's style of flying adventure for the week prior to the Bright Open
We will endeavour to Launch/fly some amazing mountains like Feathertop, Mt Bogong and Mt. Buffalo.
We will also be flying off from Mystic hill on the off days or even Clearspot and doing some hike and fly multi day expeditions.
So come prepared with your lightweight gear and some light camping equipment that you can carry with you and fly with, so come to Bright with a will to experience an adventure.
The weather will dictate what and where we will fly so come prepared and be flexible. Also be aware there maybe some restrictions on your experience level for some of the mountains we will fly off have uneven launches and long glide potential. I recommend having a minimum of Intermediate with comprehensive inland experience. For the pilots of a level of only novice we still will and can run some days off Mystic hill, hiking from the LZ so don't feel held back!

Keep and eye on my Blog at for announcements and updates.

Cheers Andrew Horchner
0427 807 516

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