Friday, October 4, 2013

Spring has Sprung in Bright. The start of a great season especially the Hike and Fly Activities!!!

A great day in Bright today. There were some locals as well as some visiting pilots up on the hill today. I decided to fly my IP6 today as I may of sold the glider and harness so possibly my last flight on it. Great Glider but a new era in my flying career!! Some of us flew from Mystic to just short of Mt. Ebeniza along the Smoko spur and then head wind back to the landing zone.
I was late getting off and Brian Webb and Wally Arcidiacono were over on Goldmine Ridge. I got off and Brett Robinson was waiting above launch so we headed off to Reliance ridge behind Goldmine and got another scrappy climb upto 1500m. I decided to head off to catchup with Brian and Wally as Brian was calling good climbs. Wally, Brian and I got low near Ebeniza but managed to climb back up and then we all headed back to the Land Zone low and scratchy along the Smoko Ridge back to the landing zone. A great start to the Spring flying at Mystic in Bright.
Can't wait to get the Ozone Delta 2 Off some hills around. Looking at Clear spot later this week!!!

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